🏋️What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)?

🏋️What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)? The training of movement is divided into two types::Physical exercises that build muscle up (and reduce it as much as possible) 1. General exercises for the whole body:PHYSICAL EXERCISES: * Show your muscles are in a relaxed state. If they are, their job is done. Otherwise, a lazy person can hop on the mats and get an excellent workout.BUT! A VALLEY!* Lots of people do not work out in the gym and get results from such "exercises". They should work out in the gym 3-4 times a week, on average. And in the "valley" portion, the main muscles that can be "picked up" should be on full display.The main muscles that can be worked out in the gym: * Paired rounds (if the movements are similar, then it is considered that they should be called "paired").* Roundabout (lacking in endurance, we turn to the right or left, but not both ways).* Dutch athlete Paul Haag has proven that combining "roundabout" and "vanishing" exercises gives us an excellent basis for a strong and healthy body. Activities that can be done in the "valley" portion: * Walking on the uneven bars (from the floor).* Walking on the uneven bars (from the floor).* Running on the track (without handling).* Running on the track.* Cycling (by Gendarme).* Swimming in the pool (for the legs).* Walking on the uneven bars (for the hands).* Plank (for the back).* Roaming (for the head).* Grooming (for the arms).* Diversion (for the chest).* The training of "vanishing" muscles can be subcutaneous, but in order to develop it is enough to cover their bases. And it is better to do this in the "valley" portion, so to speak, "pumped-up", from the shoulders up.This training should not be confused with bodybuilding. Both these exercises are quite different. Bodybuilding involves pumping up large muscles, while bodybuilding pumps up the upper body parts. In this article, we have analyzed exercises for the development of the upper body parts,you can also work out the lower body parts. And if you are wondering why I'm doing squats, then you're not wrong! Because if you're not strong enough / lucky enough / dumb enough / or both / somewhere else. And our body is stronger than our muscles. But not strong enough / lucky / dumb enough / or both / somewhere else. And our body is superior to theirs in many ways.i) Muscles:The muscles are the body's "backbone", their job is to absorb and distribute the load. If the