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What is Uber?
Do you keep hearing the term "Uber" but simply have no idea what it's all about? If so, this page will completely break it all down for you.
What is uberX?
See exactly what the uberX ride option provides you with and what kind of cars you can expect to be picked up in when using this service.
What is uberXL?
Learn about the uberXL car service & see what sets it apart from the other options available as a rider/driver.
What is UberBLACK?
Here is a detailed overview on UberBLACK, which was actually the very first car service that Uber offered to its users.
What is UberSUV?
Read up on the added features and vehicle requirements with UberSUV that you simply won't see when you request an uberXL.
What is UberLUX?
If you are in one of the lucky few cities that offer LUX, here are the features and requirements that make it an unforgettable experience.


Startup Timeline
Navigate a detailed timeline showing the very first days & growth milestones behind what started off as "UberCab".