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How a hatred for taxis & a good idea formed Uber, a company with an estimated valuation of over $82B. What is Uber?
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Travis Kalanick tweet about Uber app idea


Travis Kalanick (Founder of Uber) gets a big idea & needs to hire a business developer/product manager immediately.

...Possibly the most valuable tweet on Twitter

Travis Kalanick - CEO & Co-Founder of Uber - In the very beginning idea phase


Travis is looking to gain insight/specifics on the iOS geo-location features. These capabilities will play a vital role in his new idea.
Tweet from Ryan Graves the day he started working at Uber

MARCH 1ST 2010

Ryan Graves announces his new job at UberCab! Ryan is now the Head of Global Operations at Uber. He was even made CEO at one point.

We have a name! This is the first mention of UberCab, Uber's original name.

Travis Kalanick first tweet about UberCab startup

MARCH 19TH 2010

Beginning to realize the true potential of his idea, Travis tweets about the struggle of explaining the true value to others.
UberCab beta app screenshot

MARCH 21ST 2010

The UberCab app is officially functional and in beta. Also, The UberCab logo is seen for the very first time.
UberCab beta app screenshot

MARCH 22ND 2010

UberCab, which is currently made up of just 4 employees, shares their plan as well as ideas for imminent expansion.
Ryan Graves - Uber CoFounder - Becomes an Apple developer

MARCH 23RD 2010

Ryan Graves (co-founder of Uber) becomes an Apple developer and posts an inspirational message about his thirst for knowledge and to learn web/software development.
UberCab makes its first dollar

MARCH 27TH 2010

UberCab sees it's first revenue.

(while it's still in closed beta testing)

UberCab iPad app launch

MARCH 29TH 2010

UberCab announces their new app for Apple iPad's.

Click image to view the launch post.

Hiring the first developer for Uber post

APRIL 6TH 2010

Ryan Graves says they're hiring their first developer. Applicants must answer these 10 unique questions with their application.

(They started with PHP!)

Travis Kalanick tests UberCab in San Francisco

APRIL 28TH 2010 - BONUS!

Travis is testing the UberCab iPhone app in San Francisco!

...And asks if any of the homey's want a ride.

First Uber office location

MAY 5TH 2010

UberCab moves into their very first office!

...Which was actually one of the empty rooms at the Zozi headquarters in San Francisco.

UberCab iTunes app store screenshot

MAY 21ST 2010

UberCab officially approved & listed in the iTunes App Store.

(UberCab is now in open beta)

Ryan Graves - Uber CoFounder - moves to San Francisco

JUNE 22ND 2010

Ryan moves from San Diego to San Francisco.

...And shows his sweet temporary work station!

UberCab Marketing Screenshot


UberCab announces a crowd-sourced marketing campaign - If they get 100 new signups in ~24hrs, They'll make rides 50% off for everyone the next day.

They ended up getting just over 80, But went through with the 50% off anyway.

UberCab makes the press


TechCrunch, Examiner and TrueVentures report on UberCab with praise.

This marks the first 'real press' for the company.

UberCab gets funded


Their first ever round of funding results in $1,250,000, allowing them to truly get off the ground.
UberCab changes name to Uber


UberCab officially changes name to Uber.
UberCab launches Android app


The Uber Android app has officially launched!
Uber launches a test run in Paris; December 10th 2010


Uber 'launched' a 1 day trial run for Paris, France.

This soft launch showed everyone just how quickly Uber can be adopted in a new location.

Uber NYC Launch

MAY 3RD 2011

Uber officially expands into New York City.

This marks their first expansion (and their second phyiscal office location).

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